Who or What is Bellanti Enterprises?

In spite of the name, which makes it sound like a huge multinational corporation, Bellanti Enterprises is just a one man operation.

It began in 1994 when Alfred Bellanti decided to use his camper van to earn a living. Alfred answered an ad that asked for a courier with his own vehicle.

To make the vehicle suitable for this sort of work he had to strip all the comforts in the van. It was necessary to do this at the time to make room for transporting of parcels and goods.

Registering a business name was required by the owner of the courier business.

Alfred had been earning money from reading tarot cards and having just graduated as a Clinical Hypnotherapist he started a home based practice.

As you know, any new business takes time to built and in the meantime Alfred had to to earn enough to eat and pay rent.

The name “Bellanti Enterprises” was suggested by the accountant at the courier company because the name implied several lines of business.

Alfred has come a long way since those days and although he still practices part time as a Clinical Hypnotherapist he has extended his entrepreneurial and academic skills to other areas.

Having originally graduated with a BSc in 1987 and a Graduate Diploma in Social Science 1993, in 1999 he graduated with a Diploma in Botanical Medicine.

In 2006 Alfred was certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

He ran a Clinical Practice for over 20 years and is now in semi retirement seeing the occasional client in his home.

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