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Love and Relationships

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Dictionary definitions of love seem very narrow and constrained, e.g.

  • “a strong and passionate affection for another person”

  • “a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or  friend”

  • “sexual passion or desire”

These definitions and concepts of Love by their very nature localize, restrict and constrict the expression of Love.

A far more workable concept about Love is that Love is the source of all existence, i.e. The whole Universe came into existence as an explosion of Love.

This concept is becoming more widely accepted as the New Philosophy and it works simply because it becomes so much easier when we approach every aspect of living from a point of Love.

Love also encompasses acceptance, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. At a higher level of Love even those things are no longer an issue.

Approach everything from a Loving Perspective: Your job, your boss, your neighbors, your competitors and yes, as the Bible says “Love your Enemies”, because if everyone, including your enemies, adopted this viewpoint there would no longer be enemies.



Relationships cover many different sorts of connections between people and can be divided into several categories: family, friends, acquaintances, workmates, business acquaintances and so on.

These categories are not always fixed. For example you could meet someone at your workplace, fall in love and get married. Then your relationship would become one of family instead of workmates.

In this day and age people seem to be so busy, trying to make ends meet, that relationships seem to fall down a little.

Many people struggle with more than one job to make ends meet and this takes a toll on the time spent with family and children, there is less time to enjoy friends and build friendly relationships and social life becomes more non-existent.

Setting a goal to organize your life to allow more time for family and friends is recommended.

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