Wealth Creation and Career

Wealth Creation and Career


For the most part school is easy. Do the work, follow the rules, get your assignments done on time, sit your exams and you’re through.

Admittedly, dealing with class bullies, rejection from the “in group” and hormonal changes all add to the challenge of finishing school successfully.

Most of you will have decided on a career, trade or vocation by the time you have graduated. And if you haven’t then you can decide later. You may wish to study at a college or university.

Whatever you do it is better to do something that you feel passionate about or at least something you are comfortable with. This will give you the best chance of success.

If you wish to explore jobs or careers the following links could help you:

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For jobs in Australia see:



Of course there are alternatives to “getting a job”, you can always go into business for yourself. Again, your best chance of success in business is to deal in something you really like, for example you may be passionate about music, so you open a music store. Your may be passionate about movies, so you open a movie theater. You could be interested in fashion, so you open a fashion store.

Opening your own business has its advantages, you are your own boss, you can choose your hours, or so it seems. Most people who have their own business will tell you that they work harder than the average person who has a nine to five job.

If you want information on starting your own business follow the links below:




If you are in NSW, Australia there is an opportunity to start your own business as an entrepreneur, working 12 to 15 hours part time. You will have to have the drive, motivation and the will to make it succeed. Training and mentoring is provided. Startup cost is less than $450 (AUD). Click here for more information

Wealth Creation

The best advice about wealth creation is saving. As boring as it may seem, depositing at least 10% of your wage, earnings or salary every payday into an interest bearing account will accumulate and grow additional income for you. Follow this link to calculate how your money can grow: www.moneychimp.com/calculator/com

When you have accumulated enough funds then you can choose to invest in real estate, start a business, trade on the stock market, invest in more education, or whatever you like. There is a lot of information available both on an off line to guide you to the kind of investments available.


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